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Cover Design:

Paperback covers from £350 for a simple cover with a single concept and/or picture provided by client.


Full jacket spreads with flaps from £400.


To include a choice of designs, conversations on font and colour choices and a barcode if required. I will take care to ascertain the theme and style and read the blurb or synopsis carefully. It's also useful to see examples of other covers you like. On completion I will provide you with a print-ready PDF file. Stock photography or illustrations are a (usually small) extra charge.


For a more accurate quote, drop me a line.


Rates are for book with 92 pages or more.

£2.50 a page for plain text books.


£3.00 a page for books with fewer than 50 illustrations or photographs.


£3.50 a page for books with text and more than 50 illustrations or photographs.


I can work to reduced rates for very straightforward titles and / or regular clients.

For books requiring a high level of design work, contact me for a more accurate quote.

Please contact me also about quotes for brochures, leaflets and small specialist books.


Free samples available.

For the full cover spread, I require the book size (dimensions), the barcode or ISBN, blurb, price, logo (if applicable) and preferably the spine width (obtainable from the printing company and dependent on pagination. If you don't have this I can estimatie spine width and revise later).


If you are providing the cover image it must be at least the same dimensions as the book and at least 300 dpi (I can check pictures for you).


I can design the front cover in advance of the full spread. If the rest of the cover isn't ready for design after a fortnight, I ask for 50% of the payment, with the other 50% being paid on completion.



(Rates are per book page, not per page of manuscript).


I require the edited manuscript (usually a word doc), the book size (dimensions), title, author name, publication info (copyright etc) and logo if necessary. Some clients have a page extent ready, which I can usually work with. Many printing companies work in groups of 32 or 16 pages (eg, 160, 192, 224, 256, 288, 320 etc...)


You may have a font preference. I can provide samples for you to check and decide on size, spacing etc.


Minimal proof corrections are included but heavily edited textual changes would be charged at an hourly rate. It's better that I recieve the edited, proofed document at the beginning of typesetting because changes affect the design and pagination.

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