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(If anything is unclear or you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What do I need to provide in order for you to design my book cover?

For the cover or book jacket design process, I require:

  • The book size / dimension (obtainable from printing company/service) 

  • The title

  • The author name

  • The blurb

  • The price

  • The ISBN (see later question)

  • Any specific pictures / logos you wish to use      

  • Any stylistic requirements (colours, font style etc.)

  • Examples of other cover designs you like are also useful        


Many authors and publishers prefer to provide their own images to be used but equally it's fine if you are only armed with an idea or just the title! If you would like to use your own pictures, ideally these should be 300 dpi and large enough for the space they are fitting into. If in doubt, I can take a look and let you know if there are any issues. I recommend the free site for sending large files.

What do I need to provide in order for you to design my book internals?

For the typesetting process, I require:

  • The book size / dimension (obtainable from printing company/service) 

  • The title

  • The author name

  • The copyright information for your imprint page (otherwise known as a copyright page or title verso page). You can download an example / template I made HERE.

  • Your finished manuscript provided as a Word document. In most cases, simpler is better – fancy design flourishes usually don't transfer well! but please do include italics where needed and ensure paragraph breaks are clear.

  •  Any pictures (provided in a separate folder)


Although I can do light proof corrections I strongly recommend you send your manuscript fully proofread and edited. Making text corrections once the book is designed is time consuming and therefore more costly (I include one round of light corrections in my rate but thereafter charge an hourly rate for further corrections).

If your manuscript contains pictures please indicate where they should be placed by inserting text in red (for example, 'insert picture 1 here'. Please send pictures separately, clearly labelled and in a folder. I recommend the free site for sending large files. 

How do I get an ISBN number?

You need to obtain your ISBN number (it must be registered with your details). For more information and to order (UK customers)please visit Nielsen UK ISBN Agency HERE

How do I get a barcode?

I can provide a barcode free of charge - I would just require the ISBN number. Some self-publishing services / printers (createspace for example) insert a barcode once you've uploaded the cover design, in which case I leave a space in the correct space in my design.

What happens after the design is complete?

Once I've sent you the completed proofs and you've checked them thoroughly, I can provide a print-ready PDF for you to send to your printer / upload it onto createspace or your alternative service. I can help if there are any particular requirements in terms ion submission. 

How can I get my book listed in online bookstores?

When you purchase an ISBN for your book from the UK ISBN Agency (part of Nielsen Bookdata) it is automatically be entered on to their database and the bibliographic data will be listed on Amazon, WH Smith etc.

What timescale should I expect?

There is a certain degree of flexibility (I do work in the evenings and during weekends when absolutely necessary!) but I usually work to roughly a three-week timescale for delivery of files. Some projects are faster and it does depend on the length of the book and complexity of design.

What payment types to you accept?

provide BACS details on my invoices and prefer to be paid this way but also accept Paypal and cheques. I usually ask for a retainer payment / deposit.

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